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My expertise in terms of training, facilitation and coaching stems from a combination of three main elements- firstly, I’ve worked with developing people for over 30 years, having twice been awarded as the Professional Speakers Association Educator of the Year. Secondly, I’ve worked with hundreds of businesses and thousands of employees, especially in team leader development, with my expertise in this field being represented in seven published books including “The Art of Persuasive Influence” and “Navigating Courageous Conversations”. And lastly, having seen my fair share of uninspiring people development, I’ve worked to upskill my own delivery which has seen me reach the status of “Certified Speaking Professional” (CSP)- one of only 10 in New Zealand.

These three factors combine to mean that my facilitation and coaching is insightful, engaging, and most of all, effective. But I don’t stop there! As a judge for the Westpac Business Awards in the Employer of the Year category I’m exposed to cutting edge business practices that inform my own training, especially in the area of leading and inspiring staff.

I’m unapologetically good at what I do, as indicated by the quality of my client references- let’s talk about how I could make a transformational difference with your business!

Leadership Training

If you’re reading this then there’s a good chance you’re interested in development for team leaders in your organisation, in which case you’ll be aware of gaps or areas where your organisation needs managers and supervisors to step up and lead more effectively. That means that you need people to change and that’s why you’ve come to the right place- because I don’t train to inform, I train to transform- a bold statement I know, but one which I could back up with countless stories, including the one that I refer to in this introductory video. Three of my seven published books are aimed at team leaders in the workplace, with the eighth to be published in 2020 specifically aimed at frontline leadership and their journey from team member to team leader.

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Presentation Skills Workshop

You probably know people (and may even be one yourself) whose lack of confidence in public speaking and presenting has been a “career-limiting” handicap, but this needn’t be the case! Both physical anxiety and a lack of technical ability are both easily surmountable obstacles when it comes to effectively delivering workplace presentations, whether it be a supervisor delivering a safety message to a group of frontline contractors or a sales manager delivering an important pitch to a client. Glen, as one of only 10 Certified Speaking Professionals in New Zealand, delivers this workshop based on his book “Outstanding Presenters Speak for Themselves!” focusing on the 10 essential elements to winning presentations.

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Courageous Conversations Workshop

What’s the biggest pain point for most people in today’s workplace? With over 30 years in people development, I have consistently seen team leaders in multiple industries and professions struggle with the same issue: conducting courageous conversations. In this workshop based on my book “Navigating Courageous Conversations! A Roadmap for Addressing Tough Topics (and People!)”, I demystify the subject and give managers and supervisors clear and simple tools to equip their confidence and ability to handle challenging conversations.

More About Glen's Courageous Conversations Workshop

Values Workshop Facilitation

Are you aware that your organisational culture is not what it should be? Are the business-wide behaviours and thinking far from best practice? Are you lacking a set of meaningful and actionable corporate values, or do you have a set of values that are hardly worth the paper that they’re written on? If you answered yes to any or all of the questions above, then you may require your organisation being taken on a “Values Creation Journey” which I can facilitate for you!

More About Glen's Values Workshop Facilitation

Team Building

So, responsibility for planning your organisation’s Team Building Day has fallen into your lap but you know there’s a lot more to this event being a resounding success than simply movement, music, and mirth! I understand that also, and it’s why my team building facilitation generates comments such as “That’s the best day we’ve spent all together by far!”. Sure, go-carting as a work team can be a lot of fun, but it won’t have the kind of memorable and lasting impact that my team building days have which solidly tick the boxes of ‘fun’ and ‘competition’, but also have the additional elements of increasing self and team awareness, assisting interpersonal communication, and allowing key messages from senior management to be included in a seamless fashion.

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SLT Offsite Facilitation

When it comes to running senior leadership off-sites including strategic planning days, it’s enough work having to be the senior leader and a member of the group participating in the journey without having to facilitate the process also. That’s where engaging a professional facilitator like myself is worth the investment- because your SLT’s time is too valuable not to get maximum results from your off-site days.

More About Glen's SLT Offsite Facilitation

Leadership Coaching

You will be hard-pressed to find an Olympic athlete or premier division sports team without a coach. Even when a midget team of junior athletes in any sport finds themselves without a coach then it’s never long before the most able parent steps into the breach, because we know inherently that coaching is a necessity in order to see athletes achieve their potential, whether they be pre-schoolers or elite professionals. Yet how often are team leaders in business left to ‘learn from observation’ which is a sluggish and haphazard way to develop people at best. After 30 years of developing people (including sports team coaching), and particularly those in leadership roles, my two key strengths are clear: the ability to quickly connect with coachees, and the skill and insight to challenge them to lead more effectively.

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Presentation Skills Coaching

Having been involved in people development for over 30 years and being a CSP (Certified Speaking Professional- one of only 10 in NZ), I love working with people to build their confidence and competence in terms of presentation skills. I’ve worked to develop the speaking ability of a huge range of people from ex-prisoners presenting their journeys on stages around New Zealand, through to celebrities who have climbed Everest and had their own television show, and countless people in between who desired to improve their speaking skills for the workplace. Much of my coaching is based around the 10 essential elements to winning presentations in my book “Outstanding Presenters Speak for Themselves!” Contact me if you’d like to get the kind of results that one celebrity speaker spoke of when he said “Glen worked with me to build from scratch a completely new world-class talk… a talk that now captures any audience in the first 15 seconds!”

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Remote Teams & Leading Remote Teams Video Series

My experience of frontline staff and leadership development combined with a 20-year history of working from home, being part of remote teams, and also remote leadership roles, perfectly places me to assist you with resources. The video series on Remote Working Teams includes modules such as productivity and performance, your relationship with your manager and the remote team, and work/life balance and well-being. The video series on Leading Remote Teams includes modules such as culture and connectedness, horizontal and vertical teams, and remote communication and motivation. The series are available in an “off-the-shelf” format or can be customised to your specific industry and business and your branding. Give me a call to talk further!

More About Glen's Remote Teams & Leading Remote Teams Video Series

"Glen you’re a superstar and we love having you part of our extended business!"

M.W. - GM HR, The Trusts

"There was universal acclaim for the course content, the course delivery and his ability to make the course a lot of fun yet full of learning at the same time"

B.O. - Mine Manager, Waihi Gold Mine

"He is an outstanding presenter"

B.O. - Mine Manager, Waihi Gold Mine

"He has an authentic and organic style that brings so much energy and enthusiasm that really engages his audience"

T.W. - HR Manager, Farro

"The way in which Sharkey captivates and engages the audience is nothing short of amazing"

M.P. - Warehouse Manager, Dairy Goat Co-operative

"He had people really sitting up and wanting to be involved"

M.P. - Warehouse Manager, Dairy Goat Co-operative

"Glen is one of the best facilitators I have worked with in my career"

G.S. - Exec Director, VINZ

"We absolutely appreciate having Glen present and facilitate"

N.G - General Manager, Thales NZ

"Glen is a true professional and one of the best presenters we have ever used. Highly recommend!"

M.S. - CEO Indicator

"More importantly showed us first-hand, how to connect with an audience and bring any subject matter to life to have greater impact"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex Industries

"A lesson from the best"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex Industries

"(Glen) quickly established himself as a transformational provider to our organisation"

A.M. - General Manager HR, Steel & Tube

"Fun, charismatic, smart and professional"

A.M. - General Manager HR, Steel & Tube

"On my recommendation two of New Zealand top speakers are now working with Glen on their talks, presentations and workshops"

Mike Allsop, Everest Climber & 777 Athelete (7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents)

"Generous, highly capable and inspirational male with a very encouraging yet firmly motivational ability to move people forward in this space"

Annah Stretton,Leading NZ fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and 2019 Finalist for New Zealander of the Year

"Glen was absolutely inspiring to the leaders he trained"

B.O. - Mine Manager, Waihi Gold Mine

"He got people out of their comfort zone without anyone feeling ‘uncomfortable’"

B.O. - Mine Manager, Waihi Gold Mine

"Sharkey is one of those presenters that holds your attention with such ease and interest and you suddenly realise an hour has gone by and you still want to hear more"

T.W. - HR Manager, Farro

"It's been life changing and has set us up well for progressing in life and our careers in the future"

Workshop Attendee - Farro

"His ability to relate to all levels and gain trust and really entice people to speak openly and freely is a real talent"

M.P. - Warehouse Manager, Dairy Goat Co-operative

"His focus on pre-event planning and preparation results in amazing outcomes at his workshops"

G.S. - Exec Director, VINZ

"He has an amazing facilitation style which puts attendees at ease and his use of storytelling and real word examples is his glue in achieving outcomes for his clients"

G.S. - Exec Director, VINZ

"We were thrilled with the quality and value of his presentations"

M.S. - CEO Indicator

"Sharkey is a great presenter and teacher. He really does practice what he preaches in his use of stories, passion and humour to get his audience engaged"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex

"His presentation skills are above anything myself or my team had experienced"

M.H. - National Sales Manager, Autex Industries

"Glen Sharkey has and remains our preferred presenter for everything from leadership training to facilitated strategy sessions"

A.M. - General Manager HR, Steel & Tube

"He can relate to and influence every level of our organisation – he can keep difficult audiences engaged and challenged by demonstrating intelligent thinking in a highly pragmatic manner"

A.M. - General Manager HR, Steel & Tube

"To be coached by Glen is a huge honour, given his massive speaking prowess"

Annah Stretton,Leading NZ fashion Designer, Entrepreneur, Philanthropist and 2019 Finalist for New Zealander of the Year

"Glen worked with me to build from scratch a completely new world class talk, new Intellectual property, other content such as a professional edited introduction video… and most importantly of all, a talk that now captures any audience in the first 15 seconds"

Mike Allsop, Everest Climber & 777 Athelete (7 marathons in 7 days on 7 continents)

"To spend an hour with Glen is to drink from a fire hydrant of new ideas and be challenged and motivated. If you’re lucky enough to get the opportunity to work with him then grab the chance! (His books are awesome too!)"

Kevin Biggar, Atlantic Rowing Race World Record Holder, TV Reality Show Presenter

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